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be there! may 09, 2008

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taken by cars

By the time i enter my last word, the crowd must have already swamped the stage in anticipation. it's the fourth year JAM 88.3's celebrating this event but yet it seems all new to me. so is this the pop version of "fete dela musique"?

(Google's "3rd jam music fest")

oh now i remember... and last year's was held at metrowalk. I remember sandwich even delivered an encore performance with Gloc 9 then!

the lineup is just plain crazy! no doubt about the credibility of these artists. just seeing taken by cars and pedicab in the list already spells PARTAAYY!!! so get off your seats and dance your way to ezwood!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


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The Rock n' Roll gods have heard our prayers and answered it with another Juan Dela Cruz Band concert now featuring the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO). They'll be headlining for the show, “Fiesta ng Musikang Filipino”.

It features Sugarfree and Up Dharma Down on May 2, Radioactive Sago Project and The Jerks on May 3, Sinosikat and The Dawn on May 4 at the CCP Main Theater. Each band’s set culminates with an OPM song musically arranged with the MPO and performances by violinist Lucia Micarelli and the Juan dela Cruz Band. The shows start at 7 p.m

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I was in Singapore a couple of weeks ago and I picked up a mini-magazine for free. Hoping I would just find out about hot spots or mere interesting facts about the country, I browsed through it. To my surprise it featured BAMBOO in it. Just so you could experience how Singaporeans know much about Pinoy Music i'll post it here.
They are probably best known for having two ex-Rivermaya members in their lineup, but in the eyes of the worldwide audiences they have rocked
Bamboo are very much a band in own right. They rocked hard at Asean Rocks at Hard Rock Cafe, and I got up close with the band just hours before the show to chat with singer Bamboo Manalac and guitarist Ira Vurz about their upcoming album, worldwide tour and the fans.

You formed Bamboo in 2002, four years after leaving Rivermaya at the height of their sucess. Was there initially any pressure to emulate what you have achieved with Rivermaya?
Bamboo: No, there was no pressure at all. We just wanted to make music.

Did the 4 years you spent in the US change the way you made music?
Bamboo: Yeah, going ther changed me in every aspect. When I was there I went to school, I worked, you know, I changed. I gained a lot of experiences and I guess it did.

Your debut album As the Music Plays was a great success. In your second album, Light Peace Love, you experimented with new styles. What reaction came from those who expected something similar to your first album?
Ira: We did the album without any expectations. We were just happy with what we had. We were sort of consumed b the music you know, the songwriting began to dictate how this albumwould be like, and it all began to fit together.
Bamboo: I always thought the Light Peace Love was like a diary of what we went through during the year after the first album. It was a diary of our musical lives. The best thing that happened with this album is that it opened up to a bigger audience. With As the Music Plays we got people who were hooked on to that sound, and then got hooked on Light Peace Love as well, and we ended up with a bigger audience.
Ira: Including people who wouldn't normally listen to rock.
Bamboo: Yeah, so we were opening the doors to that.

Would you say that you guys were evolving?
I can't say that we were evolving. We kept going and continued to push ourselves to create new material. When we got bored we know that it's time to pack it up. We just keep the fire going.

Is a third album on the way?
It's on the way. We are recording it in Manila actually. It's called We Stand Alone Together.

What can we expect from the fourth-coming album?
Bamboo: We can expect...
Ira: ...a lot of things thrown into a pot.
Bamboo: (laughs) Yeah, the third album is the ending, the footnote of the first three albums, which are like a trilogy. From this point we move on and maybe evolve. Then maybe we will try, for the next album, to change gears. I think for this album we threw in everything including the kitchen sink.

You have coming tours?
Bamboo: We'll be in Bahrain, Australia, USA and Canada.

Is it important to give Filipino identity and feel to your music when you perform in front of your audiences?
I don't see that, because I think our music is universal. Like when we were in LA, people didn't see that, they only found out we were Filipino after the show. Just like here in Sinapore, we play a gig and we're just artists sharing our music. It's encouraging because I never imagined we were playing in Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain or Thailand. We're just happy playing good music. Now with the help of the internet, the interest is getting bigger.

Is there any country where you have always wanted to perform?
Well, I wanna go to Europe though (laughs). Actually I just wanna SEE Europe.
Bamboo: Yeah, actually, UK.

Bamboo's singing style has often been compared to Rob Thomas...
Bamboo: Seriously?

That's what I've heard. What are the band's major influences?
Well, it's not Rob Thomas (laughs). I personally have a lot, it ranges.
I listen to a lot of different things. Right now I'm listening to Ryan Adam's Gold and Heartbreaker and a little of Green Day's American Idiot. I can't wait to get the new Norah Jones CD.

In your song "Much Has Been Said", I noticed that the last few lines "You say/ I only hear what I want to/ You say/ I talk all the ime" is from the song Stay by Lisa Loeb. Is she also one of your influences?
No, we were just messing around. When we play live, sometimes at the end of our sons we mix in a different song, and that was the idea behind that. But that bit us in our ass because what happened was Universal came looking for us and they wanted some money for it, so that sucked. If I knew, we wouldn't have put that there.
Ira: Now she gets a cut from everything we do.
Bamboo: From the CD actually.
Ira: Does she even need the money?

You have been a great pleasure to interview. I have one last question. In all of your travels so far, have there been any bizarre stories involving your fans?
Bamboo: They're pretty much all the same. They're all great... Singapore's been pretty interesting actually.
Ira: The last time we were here we walked back to out hotel from a gig at Fort Canning and ome of the fans just walked with us all the way to the hotel.
Bamboo: After the gig we walked back to our hotel, we freshened up and then we went to eat. When we went to eat we saw that the same set of fans were eating at the same place.

They waited for you?
No it was by sheer coincidence.

Did you speak to them?
Bamboo: It was great, just catching up with fans. Yeah, it's a small country (laughs).
Ira: Singapore has been great man.
Bamboo: We can't wait to come back.

That's all I have for you guys, thank you very much for your time!
Bamboo: Thanks man, and tell the fans to visit our website We're fixing it up.
Ira: Yeah, it's a mess (laugh)
Bamboo: It sort of looks like a wet market so we're gonna fix it up.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Coming from a three day vacation, I spent the long weekend in Baguio with my family. Just right to get away from the exhausting environment of the ciudad, not to mention the summer heat that's been going on.

We usually frequent "the summer capital" but I've never experienced music there. I mean, I've been to the folk houses where they cover Simon&Garfunkel to Neil Young. Impressive but part of me wants to get the real thing. I wanna go to some place where musicians do there thing and not just do creative cover songs. I know there is in Baguio because they produced Session Road, who has caught our ears since 1999. Having recorded three albums is no easy feat in this kind of industry. Then in 2006, Redhorse Muziklaban awarded the boys of Hard Boiled Eggz as the champions for that year. Representing Bagiuo with their alternative/metal/screamo sound they bested among 5 other bands from all over the nation in the final round for that title. Also in that year we got acquainted to the sound of The SpaceFlower Show, offering us a different taste with ska music.

These three are definitely not the only ones creating havoc with their music Up North, which is why if you have any info about bars in Baguio where they serve appetizing new music. Please let me know and don't be a selfish fan. hahahahaha! no seriously, please let me know.

here's something from The Spaceflower Show

The Spaceflower Show - Boogie Man <listen|download>


I made an old review before about a local indie artist formerly known as COCOLULU, but who is now settled to the name SPAZZ KID.

This is the old review:
- i don't remember how i ended up in his myspace site but im glad i did! this guy really knows how to make music and use the synthesizers! i've never heard anything this inspiring from the electronica local scene except for drip. although i can still see some improvements, im sure cocolulu will make waves in the future as the local music scene has still a lot of room for growth.

This is the new review:
It's been a while since I first heard of SPAZZ KID. That day I found myself following his music, i wrote a short post on my lj about how his sound would be part of the future of the music scene back when we haven't heard of taken by cars, bagetsafonik, etc.
Judging from the way his chiptune music sounds he is heavily influenced by video game soundtracks. Armed with his toy keyboards and synths, his music is more accessible than ever as you can now see him play in gigs around the metro. He's also created remixes and mash-ups for ang bandang shirley, taken by cars, etc. other projects he's been known for is his collaborative effort with EGGBOY (Diego Mapa).

check them out at:
for more of SPAZZ KID:


I've never heard Miggy's voice sound so clean in his live performances until now. I'm not a hater but I just think he loses his voice most of the time in their gigs, which led me to that comment. But hearing this, this song (Beating Hearts Baby) fits perfectly for him. Ngayon ko lang nakita tong vid na to and I wish i was there that night.

(taken from youtube)